Business Plan

Our Business Plan was approved by the Council on 20th January 2021 and outlines the main aims and objectives that we want to achieve as a Council until the end of our current term of office in May 2023.  We’ll be updating progress on this page, in our council meetings and via local social media, newsletters and our new mailing list (which you can sign-up for here).  Our business plan is about working in partnership with residents, businesses, landowners and local organisations to deliver real benefits for our local community.  We’d love to hear your views or suggestions and, for anybody that wants to get involved, there are plenty of opportunities for that too!  

Timeline at a glance

Timeline showing the aims and objectives from January 2021 to May 2023

Full Business Plan

Business Plan Updates

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10th February 2021

  • We now have an email mailing list!  Subscribe from our news page.

26th January 2021

  • We are asking your views on our play area funding strategy.  Read the update here and complete the survey here.  Note these links open in a new browser window.

17th February 2021